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To anyone who thinks paper is easy. 😤

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Working with paper has always the element of surprise. Yes, Im sure it is with everything in life. We chose to work with paper for many reason, mainly because it is sustainable and as a medium, its scalable. Its just downright fun. And basic. Its like someone we've known for a long time, but when we start working with them, you discover so many elements of suprise, beauty and not to mention problem for sure. Ok, lets call them challenges instead.

And on many occasion doing projects for client, we would discover these so called "challenges". The main cause of this is that we underestimate what paper can do, and overestimate what we thought we can do with it.

This one occasion we took a brief to reproduce 2 units of 6 feet shampoo bottles, plus 11 units of the smaller ones. Its just a bottle I keep telling myself, and we've done so many other more difficult projects in less time.


Long story short, we had 5 days to produce a prototype before moving into production. After tedious testing, it took 3 days to finalize a design. During the production process, we kept running into problems with putting the bottle together. Its just not that simple. The major challenge was to have a smooth enough curve from belly of the bottle to its neck. It was difficult. So difficult we had to go back to design and rework the drawings.

We didn't end up getting the job. Time wasnt on our side at all. There were a few key takeaways from that project we learned, but mainly was that to not take paper for granted. Simple things are sometimes the most difficult to do.

Like I have this daily struggle in going to bed early, and it affects productivity the following day..but thats a story for next time!

Have fun crafting yet?

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